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5 Makeup Mistakes That Age You--and Quick Fixes!

5 Makeup Mistakes That Age You--and Quick Fixes!
Putting your best face forward:  Makeup mistakes that age you By Courtney Waldon, Six Brown Chicks Official Correspondent Step away from the pancake foundation, dark lipstick and clown-like blush! Here are a five common makeup mistakes that actually age you, and some easy fixes! 1. Too much foundation: I see this all the time! We... Read more »

Shocking Orgasm Survey: Guess Who's Faking It!

A shocking new sex survey found that one in six men would leave a partner who did not perform well in bed; and one in five women considered having regular orgasms to be more important than being in love.   The survey focused on 3,800 British men and women and the results were published in... Read more »

Hello Orgasm! The 6 Power Positions

By Yolanda Shoshana Give it up for the big O, and I don’t mean Oprah. Achieving an orgasm is like winning first prize. It is a goal most of us plan to achieve when we are having sex with our partners. The following are positions that will give you an orgasm to remember. Just as a... Read more »