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National Orgasm Week: A Poem for My Best Lover

By A Comeaux I suffer from an acute case of insomnia. I don’t get laid often, honestly, not since last Fall. Before that, last Spring. So my nights are typically filled with books in bed and journals of poetry where a warm body should be. This night was different. After my hot bath and red... Read more »

When She Stopped Faking, She Found Love

By Sylvia Snowden He stared at me with such intensity that I was almost certain he knew what I looked like naked; though, I’d never actually undressed for him.  I was staring at him, too. I’d always wanted to fall in love but, I never really believed it would happen. For one, I was old,... Read more »

Shocking Orgasm Survey: Guess Who's Faking It!

A shocking new sex survey found that one in six men would leave a partner who did not perform well in bed; and one in five women considered having regular orgasms to be more important than being in love.   The survey focused on 3,800 British men and women and the results were published in... Read more »

Photos: 5 Most Beautiful Girlfriends, Ever.

Hina. Artwork by artist Jeff Lyons. the girlfriends series. Artwork portrait oil paintings of women. Fun, funky, feminine art pop portrait art oil paintings of beautiful women.
National Orgasm Week is coming (July 31st-August 6th) and in celebration we’d like to introduce you to the faces behind the Orgasm campaign: Artist Jeff Lyons’ Girlfriends. Notes Jeff: “I’m a self-taught oil painter. I enjoyed cartooning as a child. I began painting in 1987. My first artwork shows and sales were in 1996. I... Read more »

First Love: Me & Mr. Hollywood

National Orgasm Week is coming (July 31st-August 6th) and this week, a few of us are getting intimate with you by sharing our first loves, first heartbreaks, and, um, first battery operated boyfriends. Here, Toni Spearman blogs about her first love, Mr. Hollywood. FIRST LOVE I was recovering from an abusive relationship that I survived... Read more »

Noir A-Go Go: Sexy Black Dames & Pin-Up Girls

KC Washington's Noir-A-GoGo celebrates the Black Dame and Pin-Up. Washington is a giftbag sponsor for Explorgasm, the official Women's Health Event of National Orgasm Week-Us.
K.C. Washington launched Noir A-Go Go with the idea that something was missing within the American pinup girl genre, namely women of color. A Mellon Fellow and a novelist with a background in journalism and literary and historical fiction, K.C. has raised the curtain on a world of beautiful, empowered, stylish women (and a few... Read more »

Shocking Sex Survey Results: What Men Want

By the second date, men expect sex. Well, that’s according to the men who participated in this quick sex survey. The Six Brown Chicks are your regional hosts for the Explorgasm Women’s Health Initiative. Explorgasm, set in a Girls’ Night Out atmosphere, is the official women’s health event of National Orgasm Week, July 31-August 6th. The... Read more »

Hello Orgasm! The 6 Power Positions

By Yolanda Shoshana Give it up for the big O, and I don’t mean Oprah. Achieving an orgasm is like winning first prize. It is a goal most of us plan to achieve when we are having sex with our partners. The following are positions that will give you an orgasm to remember. Just as a... Read more »

I Wanna Make Love (Round 2)

By A Comeaux It’s summertime baby girl looking summer fine. Sun kissed cheeks, hips slip past eye gazes, Hi Haters! Buy a shot for my waiter! Drink with me. Meeting of minds, sweet baby, think with me. Dance on love’s brink with me. And I won’t let you fall. Alone. Heard apprehension in the key... Read more »

Sex Survey for Married Men: 10 Things We Want to Know

Married, engaged, and otherwise committed men, we want you to speak your mind about sex. National Orgasm Week is more than a month away, but as your hosts for the Explorgasm Women’s Health Initiative, it is our job to start the conversation about achieving healthy, mutually fulfilling relationships.  And guys, we need your help. Please... Read more »