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A Man Speaks: How to Spot Temporary Love

A Man Speaks: How to Spot Temporary Love
By Munson Steed Nobody tells a lover that he could fall out of love, based on the event that the union is just a love lie. He could meet you one night, your eyes meet, you strike a flame, and consume cocktails. He will give intensely vivid, imaginary personas of love with the words of... Read more »

Dear Men: I'm Single Because of YOU

Dear Men: I'm Single Because of YOU
By Angela T. Jones Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Harvey and I was afforded a moment to ask him specifically about one of my biggest dilemmas when it comes to dating men: my career and the fact that a lot of men expect me to give up my career, goals and dreams... Read more »

Shock: Why Women Reject Men for Sex

By A Comeaux Don’t we all just love the holidays? Great food, family time and catching up with friends… But things aren’t all grace and blessings after-dark! The raunchy dialogue is sure to ensue once the spiked eggnog is served and when I say spicy I’m not talking about the greens… A few male cousins and I had... Read more »

Single Ladies: Quit Lying; Being Single Wasn’t A Choice

By Shettima “Mocha Chocolate” TV Webb Have you ever been that woman—the one that is often sized-up and asked, “Why are you single?” I am sure every single, attractive, got-it-together Alpha woman has been asked that God awful why are you single? question.  I loathe that question. What straight, single woman does not want a... Read more »

Sex Survey for Married Men: 10 Things We Want to Know

Married, engaged, and otherwise committed men, we want you to speak your mind about sex. National Orgasm Week is more than a month away, but as your hosts for the Explorgasm Women’s Health Initiative, it is our job to start the conversation about achieving healthy, mutually fulfilling relationships.  And guys, we need your help. Please... Read more »