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Cash or Character—What Do Women Value Most?

  By Liz Lampkin   A few days ago while browsing on Twitter, I stumbled across a young man’s page, where he posed a question to women: “Ladies would you date a man who worked at McDonald’s?”  Some responses were, “Absolutely not,” “Only if he owned it,” and my personal favorite “If it was his... Read more »

Plan A, Plan B, and My Reality

By Liz Lampkin In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.-Proverbs 16:9 I’d never thought I’d be…. Throughout life we experience a number of things; we work towards achieving certain goals and we plan our paths in our minds and hearts for a future we imagine to be successful and... Read more »

Relationship Fail: Losing Yourself to Become the Woman He Wants

By Liz Lampkin Ladies, how many times have we, or do we alter our appearance, schedules, attitudes and or beliefs when we embark upon a new man and a new relationship? How many times have we cancelled previous plans with our girls to meet up with a man at the last minute, or better yet,... Read more »