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The 6 Sneaky Things a Woman Does When She’s in Love

1.	She cleans the ENTIRE house for your visit. You may think that your woman just loves the smell of Pine Sol, but she also wants to put her best foot forward. More than that, your woman wants you to feel comfortable in her space. Shown: the lovely Diane Amos, aka, the Pine Sol lady.
(Model: DunsinsFaces). There are far too many relationship games going on, and thus it’s hard to know if the woman you’re with has fallen in love with you. Granted, some grown women will tell you straight up, ‘Hey, I’m feeling you, don’t waste my time,’ but other women are a little coy. Without further ado,... Read more »

Are You a THOT? Take the Test!

Are You a THOT? Take the Test!
by A Comeaux It’s been a while… Between muddling over life’s detrimental decisions while juggling desires and necessities, I have a family and a brand to nurture. As per usual, it was all in my head. The moment I decided to prioritize and de-clutter my life, here we are. Writing, living, being present in the... Read more »