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Travel: The Spiritual Side of the Bahamas

Thomasina Atkins, Zondra and Sherri Shepherd.
By Zondra Hughes A small group of celebrities and journalists gathered in the Bahamas recently for a few days of fellowship and gaining a deeper awareness of what the Bahamas has to offer.  His Grace Bishop  Neil C. Ellis of Global United Fellowship led the tour of the island of Nassau and his childhood home,... Read more »

Dear Bill Cosby Accusers

Dear Bill Cosby Accusers
By Nicole Harding Bill Cosby and Cliff Huxtable are not the same. Interesting how a self-proclaimed child molester who starred in Seventh Heaven still gets his residual checks, but the Cosby Show re-runs are cancelled. Coincidence? I don’t think so. While I am pondering the bigger issues of it all, the thing that really burns... Read more »

Celebrating a Mother's Place - 365 Days a Year

This week, Dr. Dawj’s guest male blogger is James Sangster, her knight in shining armor. He is a retired Chicago Police officer, Army veteran, and professional photographer (www.jesdigital.net).  James decided to write about his experience with celebrating Mother’s Day.       Though the tradition of Mother’s Day is an old one, I believe in... Read more »