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Jonathan Jackson: My 5 Truths About Marriage

Jonathan Jackson: My 5 Truths About Marriage
By Jonathan Jackson A few years ago I was out having a meal with my sweet daughter and she asked me: “How many girlfriends did you have before you met mommy?” I almost dropped my glass. I’ve come to love these little talks with my only daughter, Leah, the only girl of my three children.... Read more »

"Why Are We Together"? I Hope You Have a Good Answer!

"Why Are We Together"?  I Hope You Have a Good Answer!
by Gina B. Even the strongest relationship can be as fragile as fine stemware.   One bad argument (or a few hours of serious introspection) is often all it takes to make both parties wonder why they’re together.   Even if the question lingers for only one minute, the answer can be pivotal. If you’re smart, you... Read more »

He's Only Human--Do You Expect Too Much?

By Liz Lampkin How many of us remember Jeffrey Osborne’s song titled Only Human? Well I do…in fact it’s one of my favorite songs. As I sit and listen to Jeffrey’s sultry voice and the timeless melodies that accompany the lyrics, my ears are drawn into listening in depth to the lyrics, and thinking about... Read more »

Sex Survey for Married Men: 10 Things We Want to Know

Married, engaged, and otherwise committed men, we want you to speak your mind about sex. National Orgasm Week is more than a month away, but as your hosts for the Explorgasm Women’s Health Initiative, it is our job to start the conversation about achieving healthy, mutually fulfilling relationships.  And guys, we need your help. Please... Read more »