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A Super Mother is Still NOT a Father

A Super Mother is Still NOT a Father
By Shemeka Michelle Super mothers are NOT fathers. I Didn’t Wish My Single Mother “Happy Father’s Day”! Here’s why…. Prior to Father’s Day, there was some debate about whether or not single moms should be honored. Greeting card companies in recent years have even designed cards that read “To my mom on Father’s Day.” While... Read more »

Father of 10 Has Three Sets of Twins!

The Umphrey Family 10 kids three sets of twins!
We love it when our readers reach out to share their stories. Meet Natalie and Allan, they have ten children and are showing off their family on this Father’s Day. Here’s what Natalie tells us: “My husband Allan and I have been married for almost 10 years now. Living in Indiana we have 10 kids:... Read more »

Poppa Was a Rolling Stone--and It Still Hurts

By Celeste T. Parker Daddy’s Little Girl… This isn’t business, it’s personal. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’ve had dreams of being a fabulous “baby chick,” writing out-of-this-world blogs and as a result perhaps living a more glamorous life—but my heart…well, it’s leading me to stay closer to earth and expose more of my... Read more »

An Open Letter: Un-Happy Father's Day

Un-Happy Father’s Day By A Comeaux You were a young, ambitious, cocky guy with a beautiful smile. You had a presence about you that lit up a room, leaving everyone to wonder, ‘who’s that?’ Being a leader was like breathing. Natural, effortless and always collected, you were the cool to my fire. Loving you gave... Read more »

Father's Day and Beyond: Honor the Fathers...

By Yanni Brown This Sunday we will honor and celebrate Father’s Day.  Many will send mass text messages, give thousands of cards, ties, smell goods and more.  For others the day will go on as if nothing is different. There may even be a few shout outs to single moms wishing them a “Happy Father’s... Read more »