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The 4 Assumptions Women Shouldn’t Make About Men

The 4 Assumptions Women Shouldn’t Make About Men
By Liz Lampkin Women tend to make assumptions about men based what we observe or what men reveal to us. However, there are some hidden nuggets of knowledge that women fail to realize because we are jaded by negative myths and perceptions, selective memories, and personal experiences. Many women have the tendency to assume at... Read more »

5 Tips to Survive Your First Heartbreak

By Liz Lampkin  Losing your first love can be devastating to your mental and emotional state, as well as your outlook on relationships. The loss of an intimate relationship (be it physical or emotional) can damage your self-esteem. You may fear that you’ll never find someone like your first love, you may lose faith in... Read more »

Three Worst Mistakes Single Women Make

Learning to Take Full Advantage… By Liz Lampkin  How many times in life have you failed to take advantage of an opportunity? How many times have you missed an awesome shoe sale because you forgot about it, or didn’t realize it was happening? How many times have you missed the beauty of watching the sun... Read more »