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Curves Couture Chicago Reveals True Beauty

Curves Couture Chicago Reveals True Beauty
Editor’s Note: Curves Couture Chicago Fashion Show, presented by Project Thyck and Chevrolet, broke ground as the first full-figured fashion show to run during Chicago’s Fashion Week. The event took place at the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel and was hosted by Val Warner of ABC’s Windy City Live. Noted designer Jack Cave, “Plus-size women are sexy... Read more »

Do Dark-Skinned Women Make Better Lovers?

By A Comeaux I should apologize to all lovers, but I’m not. Hear me out first. While conversing with an ex lover awhile back, we had a huge debate about who’s the bigger freak: light-skin women or darker ones? There is a theory that I’ve heard both sides to with compelling arguments. I took this... Read more »

You're Cute...for a Dark Skinned Girl

By A Comeaux Oh the great dark v light debate. Ever had a feat in front of you and didn’t know where to begin? I’m here. Dangling on the precipice of self-love as a sun kissed brown chick and the ever present realization that I seldom if possible see a positive reflection of myself in... Read more »

Black Women and Beauty: Oprah Screens Dark Girls Documentary

By Zondra Hughes Colorism, the dirty little secret embedded in Black society’s beauty standard, never seems to die.  Colorism, in a nutshell, is preferential treatment for skin tones and features that mimic the European standards of beauty. The saying goes: If you’re White you’re alright. If you’re yellow, you’re mellow. If you’re brown, stick around. But... Read more »