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Social Media Gets LIT for BET's Prince Tribute

BeBe Jones even has the beauty mark on the side!
Claire LeBlanc, Intern, Six Brown Chicks Prince fans are clad in purple and ready to see the widely publicized Prince tribute tonight on the 2016 BET Awards. Here are just a few of the fun faces that we spotted on Facebook and Instagram. Also, check out ILuvBlackWomen’s periscope here.  Nissan is a sponsor of the... Read more »

Whiskey lovers: Tower Events + Chicago Mag Launch Barrel Night

Whiskey lovers: Tower Events + Chicago Mag Launch Barrel Night
By Claire LeBlanc, the lovely intern  Hey Whiskey lovers, this invite landed in my inbox and I’m compelled to share it with you: A celebration of fine whiskey and fine spirits, Chicago magazine is delighted to host its inaugural Barrel Night. The event will be held at Montgomery Club in the River North neighborhood on Thursday, Feb. 25, and will... Read more »

RIP Vanity: 10 Unforgettable Photos

By Claire LeBlanc TMZ has confirmed that Vanity, the beautiful leader of the Prince’s sexy girl group, Vanity 6, has died “after years of battling kidney failure and, more recently, an abdominal illness.” Vanity, who was born Denise Katrina Matthews, passed away today in a Fremont, CA hospital.  Later in life, Vanity left the music... Read more »

SMH Files: Kanye and Wiz Fight on Twitter

By Claire LeBlanc, SBC intern We wish we could report that two talented, rich, black men were engaging in enlightening conversation about delivering fresh water to Flint. But no, they’re beefing about waves. See for yourself. #SMH Learn more about Six Brown Chicks Media. Follow us on Twitter @SixBrownChicks Get your blog delivered to you!... Read more »

Free Event: Money Matters Financial Empowerment Series

Attendees at the Rainbow PUSH Money Matters workshops sponsored by Chevrolet Saturday, October 31, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. The goal of the workshops is to help demystify the complexities of college financing, credit, and the benefits of long-term money management. Held in conjunction with at the annual PUSH Automotive Summit. (Photo by Todd Burford for Chevrolet)
By Claire LeBlanc, intern, Six Brown Chicks The Rainbow PUSH Coalition and the Citizenship Education Fund have partnered to bring the Financial Empowerment Series powered by Chevrolet to Chicago. If you were waiting for a financial workshop worth your time, this is the one. This is a FREE one-day financial workshop that will inform and... Read more »

The 5 BIGGEST Myths About Singles

The 5 BIGGEST Myths About Singles
by Claire LeBlanc To celebrate the launch of Match.com’s 2015 #SinglesinAmerica study, Dr. Helen Fisher dished exclusive #SinglesInAmerica findings during a recent Livestream Event. During her presentation, Dr. Fisher exposed several myths about singles and dating. 1. MYTH: Women are more romantic than men. TRUTH: Women are the commitment-phobes, not men. Men fall in love... Read more »

Three People I Really Hate Right Now

by Claire the Lovely Intern I used to be a nice person, but I’m not so sure about that anymore. Lately I’ve had to sharpen my fangs in order to get things done. It doesn’t help that I’m forced to deal with three people that are currently fueling my descent into madness. I’ve finally said... Read more »