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Kerry Washington's American Son is a Riveting Tale About Black, White & Blue

Kerry Washington's American Son is a Riveting Tale About Black, White & Blue
By Zondra Hughes There’s been an incident and Kendra is a mother on the edge; her son Jamal is missing, and no one, it seems, can hear her screams. Kendra, trapped in a Miami-area police department waiting room, desperately clings to her phone, texting and calling Jamal nonstop. But there’s no response. Enter the young... Read more »

Interview: Meagan Good & Deon Taylor of 'The Intruder'

Interview: Meagan Good & Deon Taylor of 'The Intruder'
By Cabryl Breotti The room was absolutely bright. A small cadre of press convened to interview The Intruder’s star Megan Good and writer/director Deon Taylor in an undisclosed location in Chicago. With a slight overcast of a peeking sun, Good’s flawless smile sparkled as she greeted us with a warm hello and a genuine handshake.... Read more »

Interview: Common Talks About SmallFoot and All Things Chicago

Interview: Common Talks About SmallFoot and All Things Chicago
By Laura Miller & Cabryl Breotti In the new Warner Bros. film SmallFoot, Migo had his life planned out, he would carry out his family’s tradition of waking up the sun, and he would be blissfully happy living within his destiny. This all changes when he discovers that the legend is true. The small foot... Read more »

5 Fast Facts About Dîner en Blanc Chicago

By Zondra Hughes Last night’s Dîner en Blanc Chicago event took place near the McCormick Tribune Campus Center (32nd and State Street). I was thrilled to take Industry Buzzz’s LuTonya Lang with me this year. Here are five things to know about the event. 1. The elegant tradition was born in France. Le Dîner en... Read more »

Vic Mensa Headlines Lucky Brand City Jam Performance in Midst of Violent Chicago Weekend

By Kiki Camille, Music Journalist Any Vic Mensa fan can tell you, he has never shied away from being his most authentic self, whether he’s opening up to listeners about trauma in personal life through his music, or his outspoken activism about  Chicago, Mensa makes certain to draw clear lines in the sand with regards... Read more »

Photos: Greenleaf's Lamman Rucker In Chicago for PTSD Awareness

Photos by Nakita Nicci.
By Nakita Nicci PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a disorder that develops in some people who have experienced a shocking, scary or life-threatening event. An estimated 7.8 percent of Americans will experience PTSD at some point in their lives. Women are twice as likely as men to develop PTSD. Approximately 5 million Americans suffer from... Read more »

Photos: Latina Style Business Series

Speakers and sponsors flank Robert E. Bard, President & CEO of Latina Style Inc.
The Latina Style Business Series held its 19th annual conference recently at the swanky Chicago Marriott. Take a look. Photos: Zondra Hughes

Photos: Dîner en Blanc Chicago

Diner en Blanc Chicago Photo: Elaine Miller
On Thursday night, 3,600 elegant citizens–clad in pure white–excitedly made the homage to a secret location. The mission: To feast with friends against the backdrop of Chicago’s beautiful skyline. This is Dîner en Blanc. Created in Paris nearly 30 years ago, Dîner en Blanc is now a global phenomenon, celebrated in more than 70 cities... Read more »

Hey Beauty Pros, The Makeup Show is Coming!

The Makeup Show
The Makeup Show Chicago, according to the official website, is only open to professionals working or studying in the beauty or fashion industries. Along with your ticket confirmation you will need to show professional credentials at the door. Credentials can be: a business card, comp card, call sheet, tear sheet, student ID, enrollment papers to a... Read more »

#OntheTable2017: The Other Side of #Fail

(l-to-r) Entrepreneurs Lee Farmer and Gina B., Richard Fonfrias, Managing Partner, Fonfrias Law Group, Jeanine Amilowski, Director of Research, Korn/Ferry International, Dr. Daniela Tuninetti, Alexis Willis, Marty Bhatia Founder, Digital Ninja, Dr. Dawj, Jason Feldman, Realtor, and Jonathan Jackson, realtor educator. Photo by Zondra Hughes.
The Six Brown Chicks participated in this year’s Chicago Community Trust project, #OnTheTable2017. The discussion, The Other Side of #Fail, addressed methods to overcome personal failures and collective steps we can take to improve our local communities. The conversation was live streamed on Facebook. Photos: Zondra Hughes