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Top 5 Back to School Makeup Tips!

Top 5 Back to School Makeup Tips!
By Courtney Waldon It’s back to school time! Whether you are going to be the class instructor or teacher’s pet; you definitely want to look your best. Class is in session! Here are 5 simple tips to get you through the first weeks of school! 1. Prime to stay flawless all day. You’ll be in... Read more »

6 Things Bobbi Kristina Tried to Tell Us

Bobbi Kristina's love for her mother was unbreakable. But you knew that so this one doesn't count.
By Zondra Hughes Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only child of music superstars Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, has died, according to multiple reports. We’ve always known of Bobbi Kristina, and the tight bond that she shared with her mother, Whitney.  But who is she, really? Bobbi Kristina was in the spotlight, initially, as she tried... Read more »