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Being Mary Jane: Who Saves Super Woman?

Being Mary Jane: Who Saves Super Woman?
By Sylvia Snowden I grew up longing to be a “superwoman.” But that’s what everyone encouraged me to do, after all.  “Study hard” my parents said, “so you can grow up and get a good job.”  “Speak up and assert yourself,” my pediatrician used to tell me, “that’s key to having a successful career,” she’d... Read more »

Mary Jane Launch Party Photos

Mary Jane's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta launch party. All Photos by Chris Mitchell: CME3000.
On Monday night, Mary Jane held her Love & Hip Hop Atlanta  viewing party (oh, you know you watch it!) @ 24Vixen Life on Peters Street downtown Atlanta. Photo Credit : Chris Mitchell / CME 3000. Now, the other #BEINGMARYJANE airs on BET tonight at 10:30 EST, the new film stars Gabrielle Union.