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Author Torri Stuckey: Learn His Code Language

Author Torri Stuckey: Learn His Code Language
By Torri Stuckey It’s difficult to determine the motive of every man who approaches you. Always assuming the worst would make you a cynic; however, believing every word a man says would make you gullible. Men lie, as do women. Learning to decipher code language, verbal and non-verbal, can be the difference in giving your... Read more »

How I Went Bankrupt—and What I Learned

How I Went Bankrupt—and What I Learned
By Tamara Hartley I had a good job and was spending all of my money paying bills. So how did I become bankrupt? Here’s what happened: I didn’t like feeling like I was working for free; something had to give. Yep, you guessed it; I stopped paying those darn credit card bills. I needed my... Read more »

4th Annual Black and White Ball: Meet the Honorees!

Matt Sapaula
The vision of the 4th Annual Black & White Ball (BuzzZin OFF Awards) is to highlight positive community disruptors who inspire change. This year’s five honorees are: Pastor B. Herbert Martin, Sr. ~ Progressive Community Church Adam Jackson~ author of Speak It, Receive It, Achieve It Matt Sapaula ~ Money Smart Guy Zondra Hughes~ Six... Read more »

Author Sharisse Kimbro Advises You to Engage Your Core

Always Engage Your Core By Sharisse Kimbro, Author, Beyond the Broken During a recent workout, as I was grimacing about the additional weight my personal trainer added to the hexbar before I proceeded to deadlift, he told me, “Just engaged your core and you’ll be alright.” “But this isn’t even an abnominal exercise, that doesn’t... Read more »

A Frustrated Chick Asks: Dream Job, Where Are You?

By Shanti Ray I believe it’s safe to say that most parents from birth until adulthood groom their children for the future. Provide them with the necessary tools needed to be able to survive in the world on their own. I can recall my mother and school teachers telling me “Do well in school, go... Read more »