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6 Social Media Posts That Will Keep You Single

5.	The ‘My Ex is Crazy’ post. Leave your ex alone, physically, mentally and on your social network. Nothing is more unattractive than a person who badmouths their ex-lover. Why? A potential mate may fear you would badmouth him/her as well, and will steer clear of you.
By Zondra Hughes I’m producing The Black Social Network play in a few days; it’s one of 40 short plays to appear in the prestigious Atlanta Black Theatre Festival. In the play, one of the characters, Jasmine, is going through a breakup and decides to post everything that is going on in her private life,... Read more »

Meet the Cast: The Black Social Network Atlanta

Meet the Cast: The Black Social Network Atlanta
The Black Social Network Play is an artistic performance that demonstrates the pitfalls of ignoring your online reputation and/or living your life online. The play opened at The Producers Club off-Broadway in 2014, and has toured  college campuses in Houston, Detroit and Chicago. The Black Social Network Play, a part of the prestigious Atlanta Black... Read more »