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Got a Minute? Boost Your Confidence and Morale at Work

Got a Minute?  Boost Your Confidence and Morale at Work
If you are in the minority at work, you may feel out of place. Solitary lunches and company un-invitations can be hazardous to your work morale, competence and confidence. And let’s face it Chicks— you can’t rise to the top if you’re feeling down and out. Video: Meet Crystal Windham, Director of Design GM North... Read more »

Ms. Independent

By Yanni Brown Dear Ms. Independent, I’m writing to see if you are open to the possibilities of sharing your life with someone?   I’m asking because so many of us women have become so independent that we are not willing or able to let anyone in, to share our lives with or willing to... Read more »

Are You Superwoman? And Is That A Good Thing?

Are You Superwoman?  And Is That A Good Thing?
By Gina B. In case you’re thinking that superheroes don’t really exist, think again.   They’re everywhere.  Some exist as a part of a large team of women who are individually known as Superwoman.   Undoubtedly you know one of these women.  You might actually BE a Superwoman.   But is that a good thing? I was told... Read more »

As Broken Wings Fly…

As Broken Wings Fly…
By A Comeaux The day I decided to leave Six Brown Chicks, I cried. Not tears from pain but those tears you cry as a child on the playground right before you go against the bully you didn’t want to fight, but you were forced. Sucker punched. Sideswiped. Pushed to your bravery’s limits. Standing in... Read more »

Are You Sabotaging Your Relationship?

Ron says sometimes we use the wrong criteria to identify a quality mate. Operate your love life like a CEO operates her business. Find out more:
The SpeakEasi: Real Talk About Love & Crappiness episode 2. In this show, guests Christopher Nolen and Ron Williams discuss love, commitment, attraction and bouncing back after infidelity. The SpeakEasi airs on Saturday nights at 6:00 p.m. on WVON 1690, the Talk of Chicago.    

Photos: Dwyane Wade's Sister and other Powerful Women at The Female Success Factor

Pssst… want MORE photos? Click here. Steed Society and rolling out presented  Female Success Factor: The Digital S.H.E., over the weekend. The free event was held at the Society Art Gallery and sponsored by U.S. Cellular. This year’s event featured Tragil Wade, President of The Wade’s World Foundation and sister of NBA superstar Dwyane Wade, Rita... Read more »