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A Man Speaks: Let's Play Monopoly, It's More Than a Game

A Man Speaks: Let's Play Monopoly, It's More Than a Game
Let’s Play Monopoly By Vincent K. Harris, Guest blogger Monopoly is not just a game; it is a blueprint of how your finances should be handled. As a child you knew the secrets to managing money. You applied the secrets to managing money daily as you played the game of Monopoly. Why did you grow... Read more »

Financial Empowerment: Top 5 Things Rich People Do to Stay Rich

1. Negotiate purchases.  For example, if you’re buying a car, shop around advises Reginald E. Humphrey, Senior Manager of Supplier Diversity at General Motors. “Negotiate and then go from one dealership to the next. Ask the questions: What is the auto loan interest rate? Run the numbers if I lease the vehicle vs. if it buy it.” If you do decide to lease a car, Humphrey adds: “Don’t ever take negative equity to the next car lease commitment.”
By Zondra Hughes Financial illiteracy is expensive. In other words, the more you don’t know about money and credit, the more it will cost you down the line. To that end, The Rainbow PUSH Coalition and the Citizenship Education Fund  launched the Financial Empowerment Series, sponsored by Chevrolet, a free event to teach money management... Read more »

Free Event: Money Matters Financial Empowerment Series

Attendees at the Rainbow PUSH Money Matters workshops sponsored by Chevrolet Saturday, October 31, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. The goal of the workshops is to help demystify the complexities of college financing, credit, and the benefits of long-term money management. Held in conjunction with at the annual PUSH Automotive Summit. (Photo by Todd Burford for Chevrolet)
By Claire LeBlanc, intern, Six Brown Chicks The Rainbow PUSH Coalition and the Citizenship Education Fund have partnered to bring the Financial Empowerment Series powered by Chevrolet to Chicago. If you were waiting for a financial workshop worth your time, this is the one. This is a FREE one-day financial workshop that will inform and... Read more »

How I Went Bankrupt—and What I Learned

How I Went Bankrupt—and What I Learned
By Tamara Hartley I had a good job and was spending all of my money paying bills. So how did I become bankrupt? Here’s what happened: I didn’t like feeling like I was working for free; something had to give. Yep, you guessed it; I stopped paying those darn credit card bills. I needed my... Read more »