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The Love Test: How to Know It's Real

The Love Test: How to Know It's Real
By Nicole Harding Lately I have heard from women young and old talking relationships, specifically marriage, and what I am hearing is a bit startling. “I need to feel butterflies, or it’s over” said one. “If he buys me a vacuum for a gift he can pack his bags,” said another.  “How do you know... Read more »

A Tour of Napa Valley Reveals Love Takes Time (and Wine)

Lil and Mac McDonald. All photos by Zondra Hughes.
By Zondra Hughes Travel can renew a woman who is in transition in her personal or professional life,  via a short trip to the spa, or a mini-vacation to a faraway land. Travel changes you, inspires you, and fortifies your soul; sometimes, travel can reveal what you are missing. On a recent trip to San... Read more »

First Love: Me & Mr. Hollywood

National Orgasm Week is coming (July 31st-August 6th) and this week, a few of us are getting intimate with you by sharing our first loves, first heartbreaks, and, um, first battery operated boyfriends. Here, Toni Spearman blogs about her first love, Mr. Hollywood. FIRST LOVE I was recovering from an abusive relationship that I survived... Read more »

Being Mary Jane: Who Saves Super Woman?

Being Mary Jane: Who Saves Super Woman?
By Sylvia Snowden I grew up longing to be a “superwoman.” But that’s what everyone encouraged me to do, after all.  “Study hard” my parents said, “so you can grow up and get a good job.”  “Speak up and assert yourself,” my pediatrician used to tell me, “that’s key to having a successful career,” she’d... Read more »

Three Worst Mistakes Single Women Make

Learning to Take Full Advantage… By Liz Lampkin  How many times in life have you failed to take advantage of an opportunity? How many times have you missed an awesome shoe sale because you forgot about it, or didn’t realize it was happening? How many times have you missed the beauty of watching the sun... Read more »

10 Realities to Embrace After Losing Your Spouse

by Dawgelene “Dr Dawj” Sangster – I am eight days into my 21-day journey, a march towards the end of my first year as a widow. I recall so many things that we did those final weeks of his life and as I approach the anniversary, I realize that I am so much stronger than... Read more »

10 Things you should NEVER say to a Widow

by Dawgelene “Dr Dawj” Sangster As I approach the one-year anniversary of being a widow, I am realizing that some days I feel as though the pain is so new, and other days it’s more tolerable.  What I have found to be so true to me and from support groups I have interacted with; is... Read more »