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6 Tips To Sell Your House NOW!

Even in this hot sellers market, there is no guarantee that you can sell your home fast. However, you can do these six things to put the odds in your favor. 1. CREATE CURB APPEAL. First things first: Update your exterior to show buyers that your soon-to-be ex home is maintained and tidy. Trim hedges,... Read more »

Fatherless Blacks: Who Stole Our Daddies?

By A Comeaux In the wake of a glorious holiday celebrating someone’s freedom from somewhere that doesn’t include African descendants, there were 70 shootings in Chicago and OWN aired a show on Fatherlessness in America. Maybe I took off too fast. Allow me to set the stage: America, Black America primarily, is daddy-less due to... Read more »

I love Pot! But I HATE Weed!

By Nicole Harding Pots! Pots! OMG! I love pots, and I sure hate WEEDS!!!  And I see what a missing letter can do to your message! Lol If you are anything like me, then you get a natural high from driving up to your home and seeing a nice crisp entrance. Not too busy but... Read more »