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For Chicks Only: 9 Ways to be Thankful

For Chicks Only: 9 Ways to be Thankful
ThankFUL Chick…Putting the THANKS back into THANKSGIVING By Dawniel Patterson Winningham I will be the first to admit, when you say Thanksgiving I immediately have thoughts of turkey, my Big Mama’s dressing and Giblet Gravy, the best cakes and pies ever, and a spread of sides so deep that you’ll need two plates. This year,... Read more »

A Woman's Worth in Dollars and Sense

By Dawniel Winningham This weekend I was blessed to speak at the Start Wherever You are Tour as it kicked off in Austin, TX (15 more cities to go ( Normally as a speaker, I am more concerned with keeping the contents of my OWN speech in my head, but as I prepared to go... Read more »

Sisterhood: Support vs. Begging There's A Difference

My Sister’s Keeper? By Dawniel Winningham Every day I get LOTS and I do mean LOTS of calls and text and messages asking for help. I am a life and business coach and so to a certain extent it goes with the territory. Some don’t mind paying me for the knowledge that has taken me... Read more »

Why Weight? Join My 20 Pounds in 20 Days Challenge

By Dawniel Winningham So here I am at 2 a.m. in the morning, and I really need to tell the truth about some things to MYSELF before I can move forward. It has been at least six months since my last photo shoot. No I am not a supermodel, far from it. I am a... Read more »