In Loving Memory of Dr. Dawj

Editor’s Note: We were saddened to learn of the sudden death of beloved Six Brown Chicks member Dr. Dawgelene Sangster. Here, our Gina B. shares sentiments.

By Gina B.

A decade or so ago, I received a call from Zondra Hughes, asking me to be a part of a group called Six Brown Chicks.  With the addition of Shoya, Kayann, Yanni, and Dr. Dawj, we were a diverse group of writers who sometimes fought fiercely, though eventually bonded over the years as bloggers, web talk show hosts, panel moderators, and reality television subjects.

Clockwise from top: Kayann Comeaux, Gina B. Dr. Dawgelene Sangster, Yanni Brown, Zondra Hughes and Shoya Bowman. Photo by Tarji Smedley.

When I met Dawj, she was an IT consultant and life coach who had a non-profit for homeless women. and victims of domestic violence.  She was working toward earning her Ph.D. Dawj was married to James Sangster, a sweet soul, great photographer, and my partner in Notorious B.I.G. lyrics.  He adored her. 

Dawj was an author, and her blogs and books were centered around creating successful relationships rooted in spirituality, and her strong beliefs about how women should submit to their men – the latter of which was a subject of much debate between her and me, and I have to smile as I think of her patience as she stood her ground against my opinions. 

WCIU-TV, on the set of the Six Brown Chicks web series.

She was good-natured when I teased her about the dichotomy between her spirituality and her penchant for wild shoes!  She was too blessed to be bothered.

Dr. Dawj and her wild shoes! Photo: Isi Akahome. Stylist: Danielle Seals/Fashionable Addictions. Hair: Amber Hayes.

I remember exactly where I was when I received the call from Dawj that James had been in an odd car accident, which led to a lot of testing and revealed the beginning of an illness that would take him away from her FAR too soon. 

As James’s illness progressed, Dawj held it together gracefully, and somehow kept a positive mental attitude and managed to be present in the Six Brown Chicks, which included making an appearance with the rest of us on Iyanla, Fix My Life, which was an ordeal, and taped mere days before James passed away.

Dawj made a transition from devoted wife to widow, which was difficult for her, and painful to witness, although her progress was inspirational, as she healed, and paid homage to her late husband by becoming an accomplished professional photographer.

As a pro photographer, Dr. Dawj covered local and celebrity events for Six Brown Chicks. Here are some of her favorite celebrity snaps. From top: Kevin Hart, Kevin Costner, Anthony Mackie and Larry Wilmore.

Over the years, we didn’t see each other as much, but I loved having our occasional conversations and keeping up with her posts about her kids, grandchildren, and her pack of Pitbulls.

Receiving the news of her sudden passing was devastating.  We don’t know the details.  All I know is that I can’t believe that I will never again hear her greet me by screaming “Gina muthaflippin’ B!”   

We’ve lost a good one.  Rest in heaven, Dr. Dawj.  

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