I Want My Ex to Come Back, But 2020 Won't Let Him

I Want My Ex to Come Back, But 2020 Won't Let Him
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By Tisha Ross 

It’s November.

Halloween passed us by with a whimper and Christmas is around the corner.

This year, the holiday season will be different, with empty chairs at the table; food insecurity, and, the overall uncertainty of the future.

Imagine this scenario as a single woman, or, as a single mother like me.

Even in all this madness, I want to be loved. I want a partner. I want someone by my side to keep the wolves at bay, to protect me and my son if the world descends into chaos.

My son’s father must have felt this need of mine because out of the blue he called, and he wasn’t being a jerk. He asked about our son, as usual, but this time he asked about me. My ex wanted to know how I was holding up during COVID-19 emotionally.

My ex has been a presence in our son’s life from day one, and he does support him financially. Overall, my ex was a decent person except for his habits of cheating and lying and lying about the cheating. So I took my son and left.

Money is tight—it always is—and my son is 6 years-old and worried. Can you imagine how COVID-19 has affected our children?

I picked him up from school on one fine day and then suddenly he could never see his friends in person again. I worry about him, but he’s taking this online school thing in stride. But now more than ever, he needs his father around.

So, when my ex called, and talked about our good old days, and how this COVID-19 has made him understand that me and his son were the most important things in his life, I listened.

My ex said that he thought it would be more advantageous if he moved in with us, so that we can face the uncertainty as a family unit. Yes, we would save money. Yes, we would feel secure. Yes, my son would be very happy to have his own Black Panther superhero dad back at home with us.

And, yes, I would be very happy to give this newly humbled man the benefit of the doubt and work on our relationship again.

Our convo happened on October 22nd, and we were moving forward with our plans for my ex to come and move in with us on today, November 1st.

But it’s 2020, and nothing good happens in 2020, right?

My ex called me on Halloween—his roommate tested positive for COVID-19 two days before and is very sick. Even worse, my ex’s asthma flared up and it hurts for him to breathe.

My ex must quarantine, and I had to relay the news to our son.

“Two weeks ain’t that long to wait,” my son told me sweetly.

I wish I shared my son’s confidence; but 2020 won’t allow it.

Tisha Ross is a Louisiana hair stylist who believes in “love, raising her son, and minding my own damn business.”

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