Ms. Bella Jones: How to Handle a Serial Cheater

Ms. Bella Jones: How to Handle a Serial Cheater
Posed by a professional model. Photo: JD Mason/Unsplash.

By Corrie Johnson

Ms. Bella Jones is going viral for all the right reasons.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but somebody does,” Bella says in her explosive FB Live video that has also gone viral on Twitter.

And she’s right; in her video, Bella gets candid about the trauma of dealing with a serial cheater and what she learned from her own experience.

These are Bella’s words (edited for strong language) and her advice for handling a serial cheater.

Let me tell you something; when you love yourself, darling, you love yourself before anybody.

A lot of you don’t love yourselves; you love the fact that somebody else might love you.

When you really love yourself, it’s going to show–you’re going to have boundaries and standards. Certain men won’t approach you because they’ll know that they aren’t even on your level. You must understand, when you have a certain move, a certain aura, and you hold yourself higher than anyone else walking, men have no choice but to treat you like what you are. What do you look like walking up to me, like I’m a whore, when I carry myself like a queen?

The Law of Attraction is real; you are what you hang around.

I used to think back in the day, that I would never find a man that would help me and love me, that I’ve got to always take care of my man. This is what I was used to; having to take care of a man. Having to get cheated on, taking mental abuse, catching a man at another woman’s house and still getting back with him. Getting dragged through the dirt feeling like I’m nothing.

I remember a part in my life when I was so low and not loving myself that I had the audacity to ask God, ‘What’s so wrong with me? Why can’t he love me?’

That was toxic. And I know women are out here like that; women will question their worth [because of a ] man. A woman will break herself down for a man: Can’t eat, can’t sleep, don’t want to be around her kids. Don’t want to go to work.

You must get it together. If that man can’t love you at your worst, he doesn’t deserve you at your best, sis.

If you must beg that man to be with you, he doesn’t deserve you.

Posed by professional models. Photo: JD Mason/Unsplash

Posed by professional models. Photo: JD Mason/Unsplash


You NEVER have to force anything that’s already yours.

That’s one thing I learned. When you know what you bring to the table, you don’t have to do all that. Let those other women have him, and his problems, and his cheating, and his lies. We as women get so low that we feel like, “oh, if I let her get him, she won.”

WON WHAT? What did she win?  What did she win, other than the sleepless nights you went through? The lies? The cheating? The embarrassment? The betrayal? The Unfaithfulness? What is she winning?

Let her have that cheater and all his drama. I can do bad by myself.  I can lay in a bed by myself before I lay in bed with a man and STILL feel alone.

I have those ‘wanna have a man’ days, but those ‘gotta have a man’ days are gone. I don’t need one…there’s nothing out here that a man can get me that I can’t get myself. I hold myself down.

All I want from a man is loyalty. And if he can’t give me that, then he can move on. We’re out here competing with the next woman so he won’t go back to her, let him go back.

Men do what you allow, as long as you let them bounce from house to house, they will bounce from house to house. As long as you let him come back and be your man, he will come back and be your man. No man is going to get rid of his FOOL.

If she’s out here paying for sex, letting him drive her car, you can call it a wrap: she’s got that man and you can’t compete with a stupid woman. There’s no need of trying. She’s going to always have one up on you sis because whatever you won’t allow, she will. So you will always wonder if he’s still messing with her; and, he will always still mess with her because she will always let him.

That’s because her self-worth is low.

And she knows he’s going to come back and sleep with you, it’s just up to you if you let him.

Either you’re going to be stupid like her, or you’re going to get up and move on, and be with a man who is okay with just having one woman.


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