A Single Girl's COVID-19 Survival Guide

A Single Girl's COVID-19 Survival Guide
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By Zondra Hughes

We’re all strong, independent women but this apocalypse has caught us off guard! Here are a few tips to help singles survive the COVID-19 fallout.


Don’t ride out this pandemic without health insurance. If you’ve lost your job, visit the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance marketplace for options.

2. Locate alternative HOUSING before you get evicted.

If you’re behind on rent, talk to your landlord about your options. (Don’t burn the bridge with your landlord! If you must move, you will need a reference). Swallow your pride. If you’re this/close to eviction, tell somebody so that you can get connected with emergency housing and/or find resources for shelter. Waves of evictions are on the horizon, so you are definitely not alone. Call friends and/or family members and offer to pool your resources to create a safe housing situation for all.

3. Create a job if you can’t find one.

You have a skill; monetize it and promote it as passionately as you promote your favorite celebrities. Here, Massy Arias explains.
4. Don’t ghost your creditors.

If you’re having cash flow issues, contact your creditors immediately to discuss payment plans (to keep your utilities on) and/or any disaster-relief programs that may assist you.

5. Build a support system.

Strategically add people into your life that can actually help you in your time of need. Start local, connect with your neighbors and family members to create a go-to list of trusted experts to call in an emergency (tow-truck driver, handyman, dentist, babysitter, car repairman, etc.). Connect with these people, let them know who sent you and that you exist. Here’s a twist, offer to help them if they need you as well.

6. Track your money.

STOP any automatic withdrawals that are robbing you blind. Don’t continue to pay for subscription services that you do not use regularly.

7. Check your MENTAL HEALTH.

It’s okay to NOT be okay during these crazy times, but don’t drown in depression; help is only a text away. IF you’re going through a crisis, talk to a trusted friend/family member or, text HOME to 741741 to reach a crisis counselor.

8. Learn life hacks at YouTube University.

For example, if you need a new weave but don’t have the money to buy new hair bundles, let YouTube creators teach you how to rejuvenate the weave you have. Conversely, if you have a skill to share, make a quick video and post it to help others.

9. Don’t give up.

This pandemic is devastating and there are no guarantees that help is on the way. However, if we dig deep into our networks, work together and pool our resources, we can overcome the hardships that COVID-19 throws our way.
Stay safe.

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