Film Review: The Intruder

Film Review: The Intruder
Meagan Good and Michael Ealy star in The Intruder. (Serguei Baschlakov/Screen Gems).

By Cabryl Breotti

Imagine this:

      Your dream home nestled beautifully on a quaint piece of land in Napa Valley. Picturesque scenery, lovely wilderness with fresh air…and an absolutely certified lunatic in the background.
      The gorgeous Michael Ealy, beautiful Meagan Good and Hollywood legendary actor Dennis Quaid.
       The storyline follows successful married couple Scott (Ealy) and Annie (Good) as they decide to make a beeline out of their city dwelling and into the perfect views of Napa Valley.
Stumbling across the idyllic abode owned by Charlie (Quaid), despite some truly eye-opening reservations (cue flashbacks of Bambi and the alluring poison of foxglove flowers), the couple decides to start anew.
      As soon as keys exchange hands and the last moving box is placed with farewells, crazy things happen. Sounds of creepy floors, unhinged doors with strange coincidences by Charlie’s presence causes Scott to share his concerns with Annie. Her loving good nature kinda brushes off his thoughts with reassurance about new beginnings and adjustments.
     Charlie’s disguise of good natured deeds with gifts would soon start to unravel and reveal his amazingly dark and sordid intentions. These actions will cause Annie to question her own instincts and force Scott to make a completely life-altering decision for the couple to come out on top.
     The Intruder is a seamless blend of suspenseful psychological drama. Each character embodies their own journey that causes you (the viewer) to yell/negotiate (at the screen). (Sidenote: I threw popcorn at Annie to thwart her ways, lol). It touches on relationships and trust in ways that will have you side-eyeing your neighbor, people in a coffee café and even your spouse.
     I enjoyed the refreshing references to demented classics as The Shining and Fatal Attraction.  Dennis Quaid is the definition of deranged awesomeness. His movements, facial expressions and voice will create chilling goosebumps. Top this off with the wonderfully natural and rejuvenating chemistry of Michael Ealy and Meagan Good, you have a solid piece of classic cinema. Kudos to Chicago very town’s Writer/Producer/Director Deon Taylor for forging a path and taking our stories to another level.
The Intruder opens in selected release on May 2nd, and nationwide release May 3rd. See this movie 4 stars!
Six Brown Chicks' Cabryl with Meagan Good and writer/director Deon Tylor during their The Intruder press interview.

Six Brown Chicks’ Cabryl with Meagan Good and writer/director Deon Tylor during their The Intruder press interview.

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