Common and Serena Reveal All in Creative Minds Talks

Common and Serena Reveal All in Creative Minds Talks
Serena and Common onstage at the Lyric Opera House for Creative Mind Talks. Photo: TJ Armour.

By Cabryl Breotti and Laura Miller

Common and Serena manifested themselves on an entirely different level.

The duo—formerly an item—appeared together at the Lyric Opera House for the Creative Minds Talks, The Art of Storytelling. The format for the event is simple: Pantheons from several genres have a real conversation with a peer.

When he and she sat down to have a conversation more than 3,100 pairs of ears listened. People from every age, social status and religion stood at peak attention. Their words described humble beginnings, various fears to current social topics with redemption of accolades.

Six Brown Chicks official correspondents Cabryl Breotti and Laura Miller.

Six Brown Chicks official correspondents Cabryl Breotti and Laura Miller.

On every level, one would realize that they too, were truly human.

Beyond being super accomplished in their respective fields, this dynamic dialogue exposed troubles, unbalanced and fragility. Under glaring lights, children listened intensely as their heroes spoke a naked truth about the other side of fame. In the midst constant everyday challenges, adults related due to the similarity of circumstances.

This talk caused one to look past the fame, money and notoriety. It made you realize that Common and Serena can be Masterpieces and Works in Progress simultaneously.

Without apology, they displayed a unique verbiage with realistic undertones that over 3,100 pairs heard clearly.

Reverence and respect led the vibe for the power hour and much was revealed. Here are 5 top takeaways:

  1. Serena believes that her Compton roots allows her to have a thicker skin when it comes to naysayers. “Oh, they’re booing me, they could be shooting at me [so this isn’t that bad].”
  2. Common classifies himself as a male feminist. (He blessed us with “The Day Women Took Over”). He talked in his usual eloquent cadence about the importance of activism and not only advocating for his own marginalized group, but for the world. Serena also reiterated her desire to be a beacon for women and to be seated at the tables mostly dominated by men–in hopes to provide inclusion and unity.
  3. Serena gave us a snapshot of a day in her life. Serena indicated that she has never spent a day away from her daughter, she still constantly works on her fashion line trains for matches, and sits on various boards for diversity and inclusion, and is a wife; basically she has very little time for sleep. Serena does this with full awareness that her work/life balance may need improvement.
  4. Common and Serena value Not-For-Profit work. Common spoke in depth on the assistance he provides the youth with the Common Ground Foundation, and Serena spoke about her organization, The Yetunde Price resource center. (Named after her oldest sister, who was slain by gun violence). The two spoke of the importance of their future regarding activism as well as their desire to do more within their organizations and future board membership. (The proceeds of the event as well as Creative Minds/sponsors will be donating $50,000 to both charities).
  5. They apparently had a ton of fun together! Common asked Serena if she still watched The Golden Girls, she noted that his basketball skills were debatable. And apparently Common is not the best karaoke singer.

commonandserena5edit-jpgThere was so much more discussed, and you can get the full video upon its release on Creative Minds Talks, The Art of Storytelling.  Cabryl Breotti is an actress, wardrobe stylist and the architect of Cabryl Chats radio. Follow Cabryl on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat: @CabrylChats. Laura Miller is a journalist for rolling out and the architect behind The SistaGurl Blog. 



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