Every Woman Should See TRAFFIK. Here's Why.

Every Woman Should See TRAFFIK. Here's Why.
Traffik movie opens eerywhere on 4/20. #TraffikMovie #Traffik

By Zondra Hughes

TRAFFIK lures you into the warm, authentic love bubble of Paula Patton’s Brea and Omar Epps’ John. The two actors have chemistry that’s off the chain, and it makes you hopeful. You want nothing but good things for this couple—but this is not that kind of movie. 

Traffik follows Brea and John as they stumble into a violent sex trafficking ring and their weekend getaway becomes the fight of their lives.

By now, you know the sex trafficking statistics, you’ve heard the harrowing tales of survivors, and still, none of that will prepare you for what you’ll experience in this film.

In an instant, Deon Cole’s Traffik grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go.

Director Deon Cole and the talented Laz Alonso were in Chicago recently to talk about this harrowing tale.

Every woman should see this movie–and take your daughters.

TRAFFIK illustrates  that  the next time  a suave guy says, ‘Let’s get out of here,’ he may not bring you back.

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