Read it: Our Angela Exposes a Predator

Read it: Our Angela Exposes a Predator
Angela T. Jones is the CEO of Superwoman Productions.

By Angela T. Jones

Shout out to the predators of the world—out there lording your perceived power over women in the workplace, at the nightclubs, at the parks, churches, schools and on social media because you think your manhood makes you special.

You forget that without women, you wouldn’t even exist. You only existence because a woman gave birth to you. Yet you repay womankind by preying on us for your own pleasure. Deep down you know you’re insignificant, but instead of improving yourself, your self-hatred spills over into how you speak to and treat women. Your self-loathing isn’t repaired by the money in your bank account, the designer clothes you hide yourself in or the expensive car you drive.

In fact, a lot of predators have no significant financial means or career achievements to boast about—all they have is a penis. Because of that, these predators feel like women should die for their attention because that’s all they think women live for – getting a man.

A lot of predators that I’ve encountered think women are so desperate for attention from men that we should drop our lives, goals, kids, friends, family, plans and careers to be in their company. For what?

What are you going to do with my time? Take me to a movie? Buy me a meal? Expect to have sex with me afterwards? Boy, bye.

Life is about so much more than some insecure, low self-esteem having dude with too much time on his hands that wants to control women because he can’t control himself.

But before we go further, let me briefly identify a predator.

Screen shot of a facebook post.

Screen shot of a facebook post.

There’s a screenshot of an alleged message from a man to woman circulating around social media. In the message, the man is demanding that the woman spend time with him.

This. Behavior. Is. Not. OKAY.

If you must threaten, stalk, harass or intimidate a woman into going out with you, you’re a predator.

If you are messaging women repeatedly trying to guilt, shame or demean them into going out with you, you’re a predator.

If you think it’s perfectly acceptable to disrespect a woman and her boundaries because you want her attention focused on you, you’re a predator.

If you think you have the right to have a woman’s time, attention, and body at your disposal simply because you have a penis, you’re a predator.

If you are sleeping with a lot of women then emotionally hurting them, knowingly spreading STIs to them and trying to control them with sex, you’re a predator.

If you become so angry that you would physically harm or kill a woman for rejecting your advances, you’re a homicidal sociopath….and a predator.

If you are a man who cosigns this kind of behavior when conducted by other men, you’re a predator. You’re a predator. And until you raise your own self-esteem and lower your male entitlement, you will always be a predator.

Dates should be mutual and both parties should want to be together, otherwise it’s not special. And it’s not worth being threatened or harassed about.

What was most outrageous about the comments were ones from women saying they’d get dressed and leave the house with this man when he arrived. Very few women thought his language was a red flag of danger. In fact, they thought it was romantic because “he must’ve made important plans.”.

Plans? Really? To do what exactly? Why sit in a car, at a restaurant or movie theater with someone who clearly has anger issues while you feel uncomfortable? This is the kind of person that will kill you in an abandoned house, then go home to his wife like nothing happened. There’s nothing romantic about his message. It’s disrespectful.

Then there are the men claiming a woman they don’t know (the recipient of the message) is a stuck-up bitch because she’s playing games.

News Flash: being busy isn’t playing games.

Being busy is either actually being busy or trying nicely to tell you that there’s no interest in seeing you because just flat out saying that no longer works.

I wonder how many of the men who commented in agreement with talking to women like this would also say it was OK for their daughter or sister to agree to going somewhere with this predator? Or does that change things for them? Why? I’m someone’s sister and daughter too; so is she…and so is she.

If it was their daughter, sister or mother, receiving this type of message, those same men would want that other man dead or in jail because then it would be wrong.

Predators with this mindset towards women lack overall respect for women until it happens to a woman they feel it shouldn’t happen to, like their own mom, sister and daughter. These predators don’t realize that their own mindset is exactly why it happened to mom, sister and daughter in the first place. The predator’s “it’s OK for me to rape, stalk, harass, torment, disrespect your woman, but you can’t do it to mine,” thought process is a root cause to the problems of violence towards women.

Why can’t a woman’s boundaries be respected? Some of us really have better things to do with our time than spend it with men we don’t want to be with. Why can’t men understand these complete sentences when spoken by a woman?

  • I’m busy.
  • No thank you.
  • Don’t contact me anymore.

If a woman sent that kind of message to a man, she’d be called crazy and dangerous by both men and women.

Stalking isn’t romance. Threatening a woman is not the equivalent of making plans for a date. Predatory behavior is not acceptable. It never has been. It never will be. Pay close attention to how many predators are losing their power in the news.

If you conduct yourself in this manner, eventually you will be next.

Angela T. Jones is the CEO of Super Woman Productions and Publishing; she is on Facebook.

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