RULE #1: PLAY HARD TO GET. If a man wants you, he will pursue you. He will send flowers, and/or ask you to go on a date.  If you find a man that does any of these chivalrous things, REJECT HIM AT LEAST TWICE.  If you say yes right away, he will think you’re thirsty and will move on. FACT: If a man asks you out and you say, “I’m not interested,” chances are great that he will just move on to the next.  You have no idea the courage that man had to build up just to ask you out in the first place. Don’t do this. 
Photo: Who Is Limos @WhoIsLimos
By Big Mike Here’s the deal–if you spend too much time listening to single folks’ advice about love, you’ll miss out on a good thing.   Let me be the first to warn you that these are  the 6 ‘love rules’ that will DEFINITELY ruin your love life.