#JusticeForKenneka: 6 Lessons for Women

#JusticeForKenneka: 6 Lessons for Women
Kenneka Jenkins.

By Zondra Hughes

Here’s what we know for sure: KENNEKA JENKINS, 19, went to a hotel party with friends; a day later, she was found dead in a freezer.

What transpired from the elevator ride to the party on the 9th floor of the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel & Conference Center., to Kenneka’s final moments, is being hotly debated, even as you read this.

A viral Facebook live video—shot during the hotel party—has led to thousands of comments.

Overwhelmingly, Facebook commenters believe the video depicts men sexually assaulting Kenneka in the background as the Facebook live broadcaster coldly turns up the music to drown out Kenneka’s cry for help.

Here are 6 lessons to share with women everywhere, as we pray for the family and demand #JusticeforKenneka,


1. ALWAYS tell someone the TRUTH about your whereabouts.

Always tell someone the truth about where you’re going, and who will accompany you.  If you’re in danger, your confidante will know exactly where to start looking for you—and it could save your life.

2. Have an exit plan–and mad money.

Develop a DANGER code, that’s a secret password that you text/call/message to someone when you want to escape a situation, and have your own mad money in case you must bolt and leave your ride behind. Remember, if you feel you’re in danger, call 911.

3. Understand true friendship.

Friendship goes beyond someone you can kick it with, or someone who laughs at your jokes. A friend is someone you can TRUST to have your back when you’re not at your best.  Check your squad—who would have your back?

4. Keep your squad tight.

A snake can smile like a friend, hang around like a friend, borrow your clothes like a friend, and in reality, s/he just hangs around to FINISH YOU when you’re vulnerable. Pay close attention to those in your squad. Do you spot tension? Does your gut tell you that something isn’t right? Does one of your squad members hang around/converse with people who do not like you? Are they always causing confusion? Do you generally feel unease around this specific person? Cut ’em loose…and…

5. NEVER forgive a snake.

We all get angry at our besties from time-to-time, but forgiveness and second chances do not apply when it comes to snakes. A snake will ALWAYS be a snake, so pay no mind to their apology, or pleas to restore your friendship. Once you remove a snake from your life, never let him/her return.

6. Take a self-defense class.

Learn how to effectively defend yourself against an attack–these days, it takes more than prayer to escape a savage.

Be safe out there, sis.

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