Photos: Besties Open BABS Salon and Wellness Spa

We love it when friends can come together to create a beautiful business opportunity.

In Detroit, Vivian Pickard and Bernadette Blanchard have joined forces to create BABS Salon and Wellness Spa. BABS (Beauty and Body Services) is a fusion of beauty and wellness. “Vivian and I have been talking for years about partnering,” says Bernadette. “The timing wasn’t right until now.”

Adds Vivian, “Bernadette and I have known each other for years and are looking forward to offering our clients the kind of service we would expect from a luxury destination.”

Last night BABS opened its doors for a media sneak peek.

“We can’t wait for you to experience the calming atmosphere of BABS in our convenient downtown Birmingham location,” beamed Bernadette.

Road trip, anyone?

BABS Salon and Wellness Spa is on Twitter.


Photos: Andrea Stinson Oliver.

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