Minneapolis Police Kills Unarmed, Blonde, Bride-to-Be. What happens NOW?

Minneapolis Police Kills Unarmed, Blonde, Bride-to-Be. What happens NOW?
Justine Damond was shot by Minneapolis police after dialing 911 for a disturbance.

Minneapolis Police: No Questions, Only Bullets

by A Comeaux

Hash tag JamarClark. Hash tag TrayvonMartin. Eric. Laquan. Sandra Bland. Damn, our very own PhilandoCastille. Still, even on-camera his execution was justified with no reprimand for the fearful shooter behind the badge.

How many others were taken by the authorities who were “in fear of their lives?”

So fear is a prerequisite for public murder under the authority of laws–never written to protect us? Fine. I think America has articulated this message effectively. But what happens now?

Now, here we are with the shooting of Justine Damond, 40, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Aussie who was the American sweetheart prototype. Damond was silently murdered by Minneapolis police after calling 911 for help. Police had no body cam; no dash camera active during the exchange. The murder of this presumably innocent woman whose family and friends consider a healer, yoga instructor and bride-to-be has stunned the world.

When a person of color is shot by police, we are told of the dead citizen’s high school indiscretions. We are told of the weed in their system.  We are reminded of their lack of education, criminal tendencies (never prosecuted); we are told of their threat to the lives of the esteemed officer who had zero options beyond ending their lives.

Should we expect this pattern of victim-blaming to occur now? Did Justine, like 12-year-old Tamir, pose such a threat to police that she had to die within seconds of police interaction?

No questions. Only bullets.

Same for Laquan. Jamar, no exception. Philando was such a threat in his compliance that Yanez had no other escape than to fire relentlessly into the car, nevermind the woman and toddler who could have also died.

So my question as a Minneapolis resident is simply, will the fearful officer who shot first and asked questions later be charged and convicted for shooting Justine? Or, will Justine’s glowing resume and community service record be disregarded and dismantled when the public asks for the officer to be charged?

I’m A Comeaux sitting a few blocks from the crime scene daring Minnesota Nice to prevail. What will they say of this atrocity?

Hash tag JustineDamond.



Are we on the brink of the first officer conviction for a civilian murder…?

Reminds me of the closing remarks from A Time To Kill when the lawyer described in grotesque detail of the horrors a little girl endured by adult men. Then color was mentioned and instantly, eyes were opened and shit got real.

We hold the largest Somali community in the (faux) united states. When you’re up against the largest population of a people in your state, you spin, and I’m talking Globe Trotter SpinStar, spin. Because, can anyone tag me in Yanez statement, apology and lawyer info…? Do we have ANY officers’ statement, apology and lawyer info in ANY case in the (faux) united states…? The amerikkkas we all love but still see the hate…?

Is this the protocol we’ve never seen followed…?

Did it feel like an admission of guilt to you like it did to me…? Pray for him. It feels like they’re setting him up for an admittance of guilt, which will position him to trial and possibly, ultimately prison (if we’re using history as a springboard for thought).

This was the plot twist no one wrote as a possible. Looking at demographics and the neighbors we’d made a viable assumption of the officer being white, or at least passing. They don’t want ‘us’ patrolling their safe quarters, right…?

I’m A Comeaux & I know more about this officer than I’ve learned of ANY officer involved shooting. Not sure how to feel about that… Stay tuned. Prayers to all involved.

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Follow A Comeaux on Twitter @kcospoke

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