Saturday is National Lego Day: 5 Fun Ideas for Adults

Saturday is National Lego Day. Here are five fun ideas for adults.

1 Visit the Brick by Brick Exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry.

“Spectacular LEGO®-built marvels of engineering will inspire the builder within you in this world-premiere exhibit. Brick by Brick features more than a dozen giant constructions by LEGO® Certified Professional and Chicago native Adam Reed Tucker, including a 60-foot Golden Gate Bridge, the International Space Station and Roman Colosseum.”

2 Bake Lego Cookies via Sweet Sugar Belle

Bake up some delicious Lego inspired cookies – although your little one may prefer to eat them, they should have just as much fun decorating these fun and colorful cookies!

3. Use Legos for Team Building/Business-Related Play via Serious Play Pro

“In some cases, it may be more worthwhile to have teams work on projects directly related to work situations. For example, one company used a Lego team-building exercise to have employees work on interpretive models describing real-life problems between two departments. Groups of two to four people were given 10 minutes to create three-dimensional “screenshots” representing the problems they faced, which were then used for idea generation and problem-solving activities.”

4 Throw a Lego party–and add Lego ice cubes to your favorite drink, via How to Throw a Lego Party for Adults

“Make any LEGO drink extra authentic by adding Lego “brick” ice cubes. Purchase a LEGO inspired ice brick tray or make your own “bricks.” The LEGO brick tray can be purchased online or from LEGO® stores, or you can use your child’s LEGO bricks instead but be sure that they’re well cleaned. To use them:

  • Spray large LEGO brick pieces with nonstick spray and fill the inside with water.
  • Freeze LEGO bricks and then carefully tap the plastic LEGO bricks until the ice is removed.
  • Make several batches before your party so you have plenty of LEGO ice for drinks.”

5 Join us at the FREE SCREENING of The Lego Batman Movie

THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE opens on February 10th. Check out this hilarious trailer:

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