Inside Domestic Abuse: Scarves by Gina Brown

Inside Domestic Abuse: Scarves by Gina Brown

(Editor’s note: We connected with Gina Brown on Twitter; we love her work and wanted to share.)

I used to wear scarves because I wanted to

Then I wore scarves because I had to

Pink boxes were your white flag

Flowers and cookies always hidden in a bag

You bruise so easily, you said

As the welts rose and turned red

Yesterday we laughed with every breath

Today I’m hoping not to meet my death

As deep as my voice is, I’m only 5’1”

You at 6’4”, each arm is a gun

The same hands that caressed and held me

Belonged to a monster I tried not to see

I pressed 9 on my phone, before you took it away

Please don’t, you said, it will ruin our day

As I cowered between the toilet and the shower

I begged, please don’t, my girls need their mother

My fear should have directed my steps away

But I always thought, tomorrow is a new day

My intellect knew better

But my closet just got a thicker sweater

I wanted to help, but I also wanted to live

My health was failing, I had nothing else to give

Nobody knew the secret I kept

By day I smiled, by night I wept

The EKG said heart attack, the doctor said stop

It was time for goodbye, because I was about to drop

I got new scarves, so colorful and hip

That I now proudly wear, no longer under your grip.

Gina Nicole Brown

Gina Nicole Brown

GINA BROWN is a writer who questions the questions and elicits even more questions through her writing. Her creative use of the English language, along with her quick wit and knack for storytelling, is used in both the written and verbal forms. Her piece, Rush Hour, was published in District Lines, Volume III, a publication of Politics & Prose Bookstore. She performs stand-up comedy and spoken word poetry wherever the microphone leads her. In addition, she is writing her memoir entitled, No Emergency Contact, which is due out in late 2017. She is also in the editing phase of her book of Gina-isms and is completing her book of poems.

When she isn’t writing or on stage, she is a partner marketer at a non-profit organization, and a mom to her two girls. Twice divorced and thriving mid-life, she finds life as a single mom in DC, a non-stop, thought-provoking noesis. Follow her on Twitter @GinaNicoleBrown and on Instagram @GinaNicoleBrown.

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