DC Young Fly's New Baby is Super Cute!

DC Young Fly's New Baby is Super Cute!
DC Young Fly via Twitter

Actor DC Young Fly received his Christmas gift early; the birth of his daughter, Nova, with his girlfriend (and fellow Wild’n Out star Ms. Jacky Oh).

DC Young Fly is also making a splash on the big screen in the star-studded new film, Almost Christmas.

In Almost Christmas, DC Young Fly portrays the street smart family friend who has a crush on an older lady, the slim and sexy Mo’Nique. Mo’Nique isn’t the willing cougar, however.

“Only I could play that role,” quips DC Young Fly. “And Mo’Nique was the only person who could play that role, where it looked like she wasn’t having fun, but you could tell she had a little thing for me.” (To be clear, Mo’Nique’s character did threaten to stab him if he didn’t leave her alone. DC Young Fly didn’t see it that way, though.)

“I’m a cougar tamer, I don’t play no games!” he laughs.

Photos via Ms. Jacky Oh and WildN'Out, Twitter.

Photos via Ms. Jacky Oh and WildN’Out, Twitter.


In real life, the Atlanta-born rapper/actor is thrilled about fatherhood, “I’m not letting nobody take me away from my baby girl,” he tweeted.

Almost Christmas opens everywhere November 11; join the conversation on Facebook.

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