When the Main Chick and the Side Chick Know Each Other

When the Main Chick and the Side Chick Know Each Other
You're main chick material, you don't have to play side chick games.

By A Comeaux

It’s windy outside now but it’s about to get cold!

I need to tap a few you on the shoulder with some tips from the side chick.

Now before you gather your stones please keep in mind that no matter where you are today, chances are at one point or two, you were ‘her’


This isn’t an anthem for infidels, more like a reminder, a memo if you will, all stemmed from a conversation among friends of both sexes.

What I found was the alarming awareness from women in relationships that know about the side chick! (*gasp) Yes! I double-blinked as well.

I mean this is a secret society. No one says out loud, “Hi I’m ‘her’ and you are ‘the main one’ I know, nice to meet you”…

It just doesn’t happen, cordially at least. What really flipped my lashes back is the fact there are both spoken and unspoken rules.

Like for instance, main chick says, ‘be home before I wake up.’ Cool. Side chick says, ‘lay with me til’ I fall asleep.’ Cool. Win-win, right? Wow. (*lowers eyes)

Roles will reverse.

The side chick who settled last year knowing that her lover’s affection had a woman at home, will be that main chick in bed alone, knowing the side chick is winning tonight.

The faithful girl, dependable on all fronts, will get tired of getting played and seeing the bad girls score. She, too, will trade her glasses for get’em girl boots and here we are again…

What I learned listening (I’ll tell you my side later) is that we all “know” who we are, who we’re dealing with and what everyone’s capable of.

Most times we simply don’t have the courage to admit it.

Most times we know we want more, but settle.

Others, we know we’re being settled for and stay anyway. I didn’t come to a conclusion on this. I laughed but it wasn’t really funny.

We want love so pure that a knock off version is now the highest expectation. It’s like, fidelity is unheard of. No really, a few people didn’t what it meant *side eye. Maybe that’s why we don’t give it. Maybe that why we don’t have it.

We’ve found ways to cheat the system. The sad thing is, WE are the system! It’s our hearts and bodies on the bargaining table. Just to say we’re in the game.

(*shakes head.)

In this day and age, the side chick has some pointers, sure, she learned how to bargain for what she wants. Main chick has the coveted title, there’s one of her while there can be many sides. True.

But the reality is everyone in that situation is settling.

The question is,which one do you want to be?

Only you know the answer.


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