Drama Detox: 6 Steps to Shake the Snakes in Your Life

Drama Detox: 6 Steps to Shake the Snakes in Your Life
Drama detox!

By A Comeaux

As most of you may know I’ve embarked on a journey of clean eating, self-care and limitless thinking.

This is no easy feat as it has cost me my most beloved vices: sex, men and liquor (as a sleep aid or social crutch or simply because, sad.)

At the onset, I didn’t have a goal in mind beyond stopping it all for the sheer relief that my way to ‘happy’ was literally making me miserable. That was almost two years ago. Back then, I used my body as a weapon and my heart as a coatrack for wandering lovers. As a single, independent woman by my own right, who was going to check me, boo? So I checked myself into my very own Get Real Rehab and I’ve yet to look back.

To the women who’ve reached out asking where to start and how, I’ve compiled Drama Detox: 6 Steps to Shake the Snakes in Your Life! 

1. Get honest, with yourself.

Write down exactly what you want and measure this next to what you have. Are you in a relationship that feeds your spirit and supports your goals? Is your work fulfilling, despite the career, are you able to find purpose and fulfillment in the space you fill for most of your day? Is your village upholding or holding you back? Ask yourself are you the woman you wanted to be when you grew up. Honestly, this step is the longest and hardest to work through but there is no journey without truth.

2. Set boundaries with the truth you’ve revealed to yourself.

If you’ve discovered you actually don’t like working in retail you just love the discount, now’s the time to take those skills to the position of your dreams, even entrepreneurship! This is a taste of thinking limitless but we’ll get into that later.

3. Don’t do sh*t you don’t believe in.

This goes for people, habits, environments and anything in between. Life is too short to be doing things just to be doing them–do it with passion and purpose or not at all.

4. Give up what hurts.

Lovers, shoes, vices, literally anything bringing hurt, unhealthy consequences and delay to your life must GO! This is not something you debate with or rationalize. You’ve gotten real with yourself by now so if dating for meals and sleeping with folks for companionship is actually not what brings you inner peace and wholeness, then stop. Don’t call. Don’t return text. Be still and cleanse yourself for your true happiness to manifest.

5. Find your undiscovered passion.

In learning yourself all over again, its really like meeting a new lover. You see things from a different lens and clearer eye so you may find yourself in hot yoga or writing that novel you’ve been talking about for years. Listen to yourself and try it. See what this new woman is truly into and master it, because you can!

6. Think limitless!

At this point, you’ve been through the trenches. You’ve survived the lonely nights, the catcalls, the temptations and the naysayers. You know a new level of your personal greatness. You’ve set goals and met them, passed them and challenging yourself to greater ones. This is the part where you write the life of your dreams and actually see its possible.

I’m A Comeaux and I’m becoming the woman I’ve always wanted to be but didn’t know it.


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