20 Things You Can Ask Besides “Can You Send Me a Pic?”

20 Things You Can Ask Besides “Can You Send Me a Pic?”
Blogger Steph Royalty.

By Steph Royalty

What is behind this strange epidemic where men who hardly know your first name think it’s okay to ask you to send them pictures?

Sir, wyd?

You ever meet someone give them your number and ten minutes later they’re asking for pictures? I have an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and a Snapchat, feel free to browse that at any time.

Guess what–95% of the time when this question is asked these type of men do not want a picture of you in your Sunday Best, they want to see your ovaries.

For the pervs who feel like this is acceptable WHICH IT IS NOT (for some of us women) here are some more appropriate questions to ask!

20 Things You Can Ask

1. What do you like to do for fun?

2. What’s your cultural background?

3. How many siblings do you have?

4. Do you have any kids?

5. What’s your 5-year plan?

6. Can you cook?

7. Where did you go to school?

8. Do you travel much?

9. How’s your relationship with your family?

10. Batman or Superman?

11. When was your last relationship?

12. Your favorite food?

13. Democrat or Republican?

14. Are you looking for a relationship?

15. Are you dating anyone?

16. What was your best date?

17. You want kids?

18. Do you see yourself married in the future?

19. Are you looking for something serious or more casual?

20. What do you think about the recent killings in the news involving the police and innocent people? (I had to throw this in there, lol)

Get to know us before you start being a hornball, please and thank you!

Steph Royalty.

Steph Royalty

Steph Royalty is a college grad, content editor, blogger, and the “Queen of Haiti.”  Catch her on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

*wyd = What You Doin’?

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