A New Dress for A Married Man

A New Dress for A Married Man

By Zondra Hughes

A friend of mine texted me from Orland Park Mall, she had just found a ‘slay’ dress to wear for this new married guy she met on Facebook and the dress ‘only’ cost $259. She texted a picture of herself wearing the dress in the fitting room, and yes, if ever there was a dress made solely for my friend, this little number was it.

I loved the dress, I thought she looked great in it, but I couldn’t contain my tongue when I advised her against buying it, ‘should you spend that much on a dress right now?”

In my mind, I was screaming, “DO NOT BUY A DRESS FOR THAT MARRIED MAN; buy such a dress for a man that is single and interested in courting you.”

“Oh, no, girl I’m buying this damn dress!” she shot back.

What I didn’t know was that purchasing that dress was only the latest in a series of bad decisions.

You see, my friend already knew that she liked this guy–a lot. They flirted on Facebook, met for coffee, and she slept with him that same day. My friend wasn’t too proud of that fact and she kept it to herself at the time. (Backstory, she’s divorced and was ready to put herself back on the market.

After their instant intimacy, my friend called him again, this time to have a follow-up conversation and to establish something real, (or more than a sexual relationship). The guy couldn’t go to dinner, but he agreed to meet her for a short coffee break and thus, my friend wanted to wear this brand new dress.

First the good news: The dress was a hit.

And now the bad news:
he couldn’t make it to their coffee break. She reached out to him again to reschedule but he hasn’t returned her texts.

And, the really bad news: My friend had random, unprotected sex with a man she hardly knew. And she paid for it: the cost was $259 plus tax, plus any unforeseen STDs that may come to pass.

A few days later, she texts, “Go to his wife’s page…look at her, lol. What’s his problem? You know she couldn’t slay in that dress like I did.”

“Yep,” I respond, cautious to never kick a damsel when she’s down. “That dress was made just for you.”

Note: My friend gave me permission to share her story. She’s in a promising relationship now, and says she was “really in a bad place emotionally” at the time.

Zondra Hughes is a social media strategist and pro editor. Follow her on Twitter @zondrahughes

Zondra Hughes is a social media strategist and pro editor. Follow her on Twitter @zondrahughes

Zondra is on Twitter @ZondraHughes

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