21 Things Black Men Need to Hear

21 Things Black Men Need to Hear

For #MancrushMonday, Khalid Scott submits 21 Things Black Men Need to Hear.

1. I love you, bro. We don’t tell each other as men how much we mean to each other. There is no weakness in that; only strength, solidarity, and power.

2. You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to commit to getting better.

3. Someone is depending on you to be exactly who you are.

4. Please read more to broaden your horizons. Set a goal: how about reading one book per month?

5. Showing–and sharing–your human emotions isn’t a sign of weakness. In fact, paying attention to how we feel helps us to become more in-tuned with what’s actually going on.

6. Your mental health matters. You can’t “work yourself” out of your depressed state of mind. As a black man, it’s likely that you’ve been through a lot; emotional trauma is very real. A commitment to heal is worthy of your time.

7. Living is an act of resistance. You are going to live, get out all these dreams, and thrive – despite the odds.

8. You are a descendent of kings. Seriously, don’t bow your head to life. You were built for this.

9. Don’t give haters any room in your life. Their opinion of you won’t pay your bills, or build your dreams. Also, naysayers won’t always see your vision; not everyone is supposed to.

10. PRAY (morning, noon and night).

11. Upgrade your crew. Put yourself in the company of three to five people who are more successful than you, so you can aspire!

12. You don’t have to ask for permission to be excellent. Go for it.

13. Helping people doesn’t make you a sucker. You’ll be blessed more.

14. Think like an owner, even if you’re working for someone else.

15. Put the gun down. Your life matters, at home and abroad. #BLACKMENLIVESMATTER

16. If someone knocks you for your 9-5, they (1) aren’t your friends and (2) they don’t know about your 6-10. Keep going.

17. Learn from an elder. Get an older man to mentor you and learn from his journey.  (It may even save you from some bumps in the road.)

18. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone but yourself.

19. Take care of your physical health.  Exercise, eat well, and get active.

20. Take care of your family.  Put some money away for stormy days. Your family belongs to you and you belong to them.

21. “Someday” will never arrive. Write that book, send that tweet, record podcast. Don’t opt for someday, do it today. Procrastination is a silent killer of dreams.

Khalid Scott

Khalid Scott


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