Green Smoothie Bliss: Rhonda's Recipe for Weight Loss

By Rhonda Alexander

I discovered the green smoothie lifestyle as a result of actively working to reduce my carb intake. Initially, I was in search of a healthier way to enjoy fruity drinks, which have always been my weakness. It’s the one part of my diet that I’ve always struggled to overcome.

As a child, I loved a particular strawberry flavored milk drink, but as an adult, I found that the powder was nothing but sugar. When I checked the label, the nutrition label showed that an 8-ounce serving was 150 calories and 15 g of carbohydrates.

I would fix 12-16 ounces for my “serving” at the very least!

By the time I reached my mid-thirties, my doctor had begun to talk to me about possibly starting diabetic medication since my A1C (blood sugar level measurement over time-typically the last 3 months) levels were creeping up.

Normal A1C levels are typically 4-5.5%. Mine was staying on the higher end of the scale and getting closer to 6 every time she measured it. In addition, my family history was strong for Type 2 Diabetes and my lifestyle was sedentary, at best.

In short, I exhibited every risk factor there is for developing Type 2 Diabetes as an adult.

I had seen how it ravaged my loved ones, taken away their independence and reduced them to a life spent in the doctor’s office or hospital and I wanted no part of that legacy. 

Because I was determined to stay in charge of my life, I loved my fruity drinks and I’d always dreamt of having a healthy body and possibly even helping others, in some way, I began to research healthy drinks.

I must admit, the first time I tried an all-vegetable drink outside of V8 Juice, I didn’t like it very much, but I wasn’t deterred.

I continued to educate myself and even incorporated juiced fruits into my recipes. I continued to tweak recipes, research food nutrition and stayed committed to leaving the fruity drinks behind.

Six months after I began the “green smoothie” journey, I found that I’d lost 28-lbs and I hadn’t fully incorporated exercising into my lifestyle, at that point. The only change I’d made was leaving the fruity drinks behind for the healthier versions of them and I had lost this tremendous amount of weight, I’d begun to sleep more regularly and I had more energy to get through my day.

Seeing the changes for myself inspired me to keep going and begin to compile my recipes (the good ones, anyway) into a collection that has become part of my lifestyle and I haven’t looked back since. That is how Green Smoothie Bliss was born.

Change is a good thing, especially if a healthier version of you is the end result.

Rhonda E. Alexander utilizes her media talents as a lifestyle journalist, producer and most recently, an author to share the wellness lifestyle movement and help break the cycle of ill health in her community–starting with her family. As a journalist, her work has been featured online and in print in such publications as the Sun-Times Media, Chicago Health Magazine, LiveStrong and the Houston Chronicle. Learn more about Rhonda:

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