Chicago Businesses Unite to Deliver Fresh Water to Flint

by Nakita Nicci Whittaker

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

And times are tough for the residents of Flint, Michigan, where the toxic water crisis has been haunting city residents for the past two years (affecting some 100,000 residents in all).

The crisis became so severe in the past six months that it garnered national attention. As a result, President Obama declared that Flint Michigan was in a state of emergency on January 16, 2016.

Many responsible and community citizens heeded the call by shipping fresh bottled water to the Flint community.

One such initiative has been undertaken by Ublerb and Exotic Wheel, who teamed up to provide 6,000 bottles of pure drinking water to the people of Flint, Michigan; exceeding the target of 1000 bottles.

I was a part of this loving initiative, alongside Jenesia McNair of McNair Janitorial and Window Service. We hail from Chicago, and we felt the pain and suffering of our neighboring community in Flint.

The Ublerb and Exotic Wheel team held a 5-day water drive at the well-known Exotic Wheel boutique located at 10101 S. Western Avenue in Chicago. The initiative is sending water to a church in Flint on Sunday via Semi Truck provided by Chicago Firefighter and Activist Eric Washington and Stella Natufe (who launched a state wide drive collecting over 5,000 plus cases of water).

Gerard Hartman is one of the most influential contributors to the initiative. He is the owner of Exotic Wheel and the owner and co-founder of Ublerb (which is an app designed to serve as a platform to interact with multiple social media accounts at one time). Ublerb is expected to launch in summer.

Nakita Whittaker

Nakita is a Communications Specialist and member of the BOSS NETWORK.
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