Mass Shootings: America’s New Norm?

Mass Shootings: America’s New Norm?
Photo via Chicago Tribune

By Kym B.

To date, there have been 355 mass shootings in the United States in one year.

A mass shooting is defined as an incident in which four or more individuals have been injured or killed, and there have been 355 in 336 days, thus far.

We have experienced more mass shootings than any other democracy in the world.

Each time I hear of a mass shooting incident, I’m shocked but not surprised. And you know what comes next: Sounds of familiar statements flood the news stations, with reports like “Breaking: Another mass tragedy has taken place.” Prayers and condolences offered by many. Politicians positioning themselves for their ritual sympathy declaration.

I have now succumbed to the new normal of mass shootings; I have been desensitized.

This worries me that now my daily mantra is to ensure I know the exit route in every environment that I frequent. Or when I hear of an incident, I immediately check to see if it is near any of my family members. It really should not matter, at the end of the day someone has lost a loved one; but my own routine of confirmation is a required comfort check.

We, as a nation, have become robotic to these familiar scenes and practices. Horrific occurrences, such as mass shootings or any shooting, should not be chalked up as just another day in America. Enough is enough!

We can no longer blame extremists; only a few radical groups have been the cause.
The issue lies in our congressional system. Our nation is split on legislative rights, and I believe that is because in the last twenty years our education has been through social media; which provides the platform for individualism.

My desire is an updated new norm: more of an outcry at the voting polls; making political understanding a part of our daily ritual; and a frequent, careful review of our laws and statutory authorities, instead of the current symbolism of self-power and importance.
Otherwise, are a constant dying nation.

Follow Kym B. on Twitter @AlwaysRich777

Follow Kym B. on Twitter @AlwaysRich777

Kym B. is an International Policy Analyst and she owns a clothing design boutique with her daughter. Follow her on Twitter@AlwaysRich777

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