9 Do's and Don’ts for Your Rebound Date

9 Do's and Don’ts for Your Rebound Date
Have fun on your rebound date, you're in control of how it ends! (Posed by professional models).

By Zondra Hughes

A new relationship typically begins with a good first date, and it’s tough to have a good time if you’re on the rebound.

Getting over the last relationship is tough, but the fact that you’re going on a date means things are looking up for you.

Stay positive, you’re in control of how the date ends.  Here are 9 do’s and don’ts to help.

  1. Don’t: Disrespect your ex. Even if your date brings him/her up, just let it go. A simple explanation such as, “We grew apart,” will do.  (If this date blossoms into a relationship you can be more forthcoming down the line.)
  2. Do: Help plan your date. Try to avoid places that may be an old stomping ground for you and the ex.
  3. Don’t: Be late. Your date made adjustments to his/her schedule to meet at the appointed time, and so should you.
  4. Do: Be nice to others while on your date. If your ex was a cheater, you may still hold that sting of betrayal in the back of your mind. Thus, if the server appears to be too flirtatious with your date, you may blow up. Instead, just ignore the happy server, chances are, she’s just earning a tip, and you’re still remembering the awful things your ex used to do.
  5. Don’t: Talk about yourself and your work, nonstop. There is a thing called social media, and your date has already thoroughly vetted you before taking you out. Talk about something of mutual interest, and listen closely to what your date has to say.
  6. Do: Monitor your alcohol intake closely. You don’t want to get drunk on a date; it’s expensive and you will not be in control of your actions.
  7. Don’t: Talk on the phone or send text messages to others. That’s rude; keep your focus on the person you’re with, even if the date isn’t going well. Also, if you do check-in on social media, don’t tag your date. Privacy is golden.
  8. Do: Arrive with confidence. No matter what your ex said or did, know that you are a full person worthy of love and respect. Put yourself back on the market, and don’t undervalue your worth.
  9. Do: Say thank you at the end of the date. Time is precious, and you want your date to know that you’re grateful that he/she chose to spend time with you.

Happy dating!

Zondra Hughes is a social media strategist and pro editor. Follow her on Twitter @zondrahughes

Zondra Hughes is a social media strategist and pro editor. Follow her on Twitter @zondrahughes

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