The 7 BEST Responses Ever to “Why are you STILL Single?”

The 7 BEST Responses Ever to “Why are you STILL Single?”
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By Shemeka Michelle

Some people can be so nasty and rude or just downright nosy as hell. We are entering into the holiday season which is normally filled with food and family gatherings. We come together sit around and drink and let it all hang out. While this may sound fun to most, for some it’s the season to be uncomfortable as you are interrogated and continuously asked the dreaded question “Why are you STILL Single?”

Your dear Aunt Sally doesn’t mean any harm by the question. She just really wants to see the family traditions carried on by the younger generation. Uncle Bo on the other hand, always says it with a condescending tone as if something is obviously wrong with you. Nevertheless, here are seven good answers to use at the next gathering.

1. I’m taking my time so that I don’t turn out like ______________ (this is where you deflect the attention by throwing another family member under the bus; preferably the one asking the question!) 

2. I know it’s a strange concept to you, but I have standards.

3. I’m going to remain single at least until I receive my last alimony check.

4. Well, I thought I had found Mr. /Mrs. Right then we had sex. I definitely can’t DO that every night.

5. I’m single, but I’m not lonely or desperate.

6. I’m enjoying myself. (That allows their mind to wander where it may).

7. You can NEVER go wrong with this all-time favorite response: “Mind your damn business.” Or, just give them a blank stare which sends the same message!


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Follow Shemeka Michelle @TheNakedGirlz

About Shemeka Michelle: I was that chick. Gave it all up, all of it. I put all my eggs in one basket. Didn’t have a Plan B ‘cause I believed in Plan A. Then one day, all of it came to an end. All I could do was take it. I’m a survivor with three kids and I HAD to make it! So instead of dying from pain and hiding in shame, I’ve decided to get NAKED.

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