Motivation Monday: 9 Quotes to Start Your Week Like a Boss!


Welcome to Motivation Monday! Tamara Hartley is the author of Stop Wasting Your Time Blaming Others for Your Life, Relationships, and Career: 15 Life Lessons to help you overcome difficult situations, live beyond your labels, and take control of your life and your results! In her book, she drops nuggets of wisdom to help you shed unnecessary labels and get out of your own way. Here are Tamara’s 9 #MotivationMonday quotes to get you started.

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1.  For the Married, Separated, Reunited and Divorced

No other person (including your spouse), place or thing can “make” you happy. Happiness is a conscious choice and a way of life. In any relationship, if both parties involved are not willing to work on their individual issues, and then work together to fix and strengthen the relationship, that relationship will not work.

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