Does PINK for the Cure Ignore the Poor?

Does PINK for the Cure Ignore the Poor?
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I WAS MURDERED by the System

By Erika Bracey

If you are reading this blog, I am dying.

I’m not dying  because cancer rippled through my body and destroyed every living organ, I am dying  because I couldn’t afford to stay alive.

I had insurance but not enough to complete my treatments. I was prescribed an $11,000 30-day supply of pills that were supposed to keep me alive, but I didn’t have $40 to pay the co-payment.

I gave my last pennies to a cancer organization that said they helped people like me only to find out later that my neighborhood was on the NO PROGRAMS list.

I was told: “If you are poor and black they send you home to die and as you can see they were right.”

I never wanted to be a statistic, but now I too have a tag around my big toe. And a chart that reads cause of death: “The System!” Cancer won due to lack of access to resources, inferior imaging, inadequate treatment option, unhealthy food choices and lack of true awareness!

Billions of dollars are donated to the cure annually but in real time people are struggling and dying, people like me. They have been working on a cure since before I was born, but the powers that be will never approve it due to the devastation it would cause to the medical mafia as I call it.

Finding a cure means no more “MAINTENANCE” and that will crush the economy. My life doesn’t matter to you “SYSTEM”, but it matters to my mother and my sister, to my brother and my nieces, to my friends and my father but most importantly this pink life that I have been forced to live matters to me. I will not die at the hands of you cancer or the cartels that fund you. Where the system pimps the poor and forces you to find prosperity in the streets doing things you never thought you would do but your life is at stake.

Pink lives matter not just in Michigan avenue penthouses and upper class communities but also in the projects of NY, on the streets of Englewood and the compounds of Compton. Pink lives matter in the underserved and dilapidated hospitals in Roseland that serve as the only medical facility in a 7-mile radius. Pink lives matter in the food deserts of a city now called Chi-Raq. How can I eat healthy when you place Porsche prices in a community that drives Pintos? When there are no grocery stores that provide healthy food option but processed sugary alternatives that feeds the cancer I’m fighting? My Pink Life Matters!

I stand and watch as my body is outlined in pink chalk. It’s protocol for the police but it’s painful for me. The coroner bends down and snaps a photo then shakes his head and says, “This one is young. Another statistic!”

My eyes open as his words resuscitate my vitals and I say, “No I am not a statistic, just a reminder of how much MY PINK LIFE MATTERS!”
The truth hurts, but I rather speak it than die from it! For this reason we MUST support each other! Don’t cry for us…Do something to help us.


Erika Bracey is the founder of

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