Attraction: 10 Signs That You Are Too Masculine

Attraction: 10 Signs That You Are Too Masculine
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Do You Need to “Turn Up” Your Feminine Energy in your Love Relationships?

by Debrena Jackson Gandy

Feminine Magnetism – What’s the Big Deal?

I realize that feminine magnetism is not a topic that the average woman sits around chatting about over coffee.  But we should, because it is a force and a factor that impacts and affects our lives in powerful ways, and especially in our love relationships and marriages.

Feminine Magnetism (FM) is the natural attracting and drawing power that we uniquely possess as women. Your feminine magnetism (FM), combined with your beliefs and thoughts, determines what you “draw” into your life, from circumstances and opportunities, to relationships and synchronicities.

Your Unique Capacity…..

When a woman is pregnant, she is known to have the “glow.” This glow is from the increased life force in her body.  As a female, you are remarkably equipped to “hold” more life force energy within your body than a man’s body can, by design.  When your FM is ON, it shows up as Feminine Radiance — that feminine glow that appears when inner joy is real, your spirit is full and fed, and you’re radiating an inner light.  When your FM is “on,” it can be seen, sensed and felt by others.

FM is generated from your Womb area, the center of your Feminine Core, and is also the place from which your Feminine Magnetism (FM) is “generated.”  The womb area is a powerful and sacred spiritual space found ONLY within the female body, from where we are able to not only incubate and birth a new human life, but also birth creativity, new dreams and visions. Not all women have an intact uterus (due to hysterectomies, for example), but we all have a womb space.

10 SIGNS That You Have an Excess of Masculine Energy

As a woman, you can throw your love relationships off-balance when you’ve “activated” too much masculine energy.  When your FM Switch is off and your masculine energy is in “over-drive,” there’s evidence:

  1. You’ve been described as having a “hard edge” or being too intense
  2. You anger easily or people often tell you that you look mad
  3. You often speak loudly, harshly or use a lot of profanity
  4. You are an over-doer, and are in perpetual, busy-ness mode
  5. There’s a lot of do-ing activity in your life that keeps you constantly on the go
  6. You have a hard time holding still, being still or relaxing
  7. Asking for help or support is a challenge for you
  8. You feel that you have to handle it/do it yourself
  9. You feel uneasy being hugged or appropriately touched

10.You may get feedback from men that you is intimidating, “too independent,” or don’t seem like you “need” a man

If you answered YES to at least 4 of these statements, then it’s highly likely that you have too much masculine energy is in over-drive and needs a “chill pill.”

What is Feminine Magnetism Mistake #1?

Masculine energy, by its nature, is more arrow-like in contrast to feminine energy; it’s “harder” energy.  Feminine energy is naturally “softer, more sensuous, more fluid, and expands outward like ripples in a pond.   Feminine and masculine energies are natural opposites and complements to one another; they are naturally drawn to each other.

Feminine Magnetism Mistake #1 is:  Having an EXCESS of masculine energy

What can over-stimulate our masculine energy?  Excess masculine energy is “carried” or “held” in a woman’s energy field in the bubble of space around her that others can “feel” and sense. Too much rippin’ and runnin.’ Not enough down time and relaxation time. Being always in go-go-go mode. Not taking time to feed and fill your spirit.  Allowing others to steal your joy.  Having a hard time holding still and always being task- and future-focused instead of relaxed and present.  When a woman is carrying an excess of masculine energy, it tends to overwhelm her feminine energy.

For You to Attract is Natural

In the arena of love relationships, too much masculine energy can show up as you chasing, pursuing, initiating too much or doing too much, repelling men, or being a “ball buster,” instead of receiving, relaxing,  allowing, opening yourself up to support, or asking for help.

The good news is that you can “turn up” your feminine energy and ”turn down” your excess masculine energy, just as you would the volume knob on a stereo.  It is time for us to come back to a state of balance and restoration of our natural feminine energy. As we come back into our “rightful” and healthy balance of feminine energy, we will experience more ease, joy, support and flow in our lives.

debragandyDebrena Jackson Gandy is a national best-selling author of three books, with her newest The Love Lies, recognized as the definitive guidebook to the new relationships paradigm. She is also a speaker, success coach, Relationships Readiness Coach, Founder of the Love Academy, and Creator of the Modern Courtship Movement. She’s been featured in magazines such as Oprah’s O, Essence, Ebony, and Woman’s Day, as well as seen on TV on CNN, Good Day New York, The Better Show, and Good Morning Texas. She is a popular radio show guest and guest blogger, has been featured on sites such as Oprah’s O,, and, and is a TV show host on TBN’s Public Report at station KTBW in Seattle-Tacoma.

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