6 Social Media Posts That Will Keep You Single

By Zondra Hughes

I’m producing The Black Social Network play in a few days; it’s one of 40 short plays to appear in the prestigious Atlanta Black Theatre Festival. In the play, one of the characters, Jasmine, is going through a breakup and decides to post everything that is going on in her private life, to the chagrin of her soon-to-be ex.

Jasmine’s oversharing behavior is real. There are many single people out there who don’t want to be single, and yet, they keep posting things that will, in fact, keep them single.

Take a look.

6. The “Pretty Face Trapped Inside a Filthy House” selfie. Your hair is feather soft and tossed; or healthy and naturally loc’d; or fried, dyed and laid to the side, and it’s perfect. Your makeup is flawless. Your camera-ready pout is kissable, and you must show the world.
When everything is just as it should be, you take a selfie; that’s just what social media celebrities such as yourself do. No one will judge you, that is, unless you post a selfie in a pigsty.
You look at the selfie and you see your beauty; but everyone will see that messy room in the background. Your photo will become a viral meme. You will forever be known as the cute girl with the filthy house and no one will want a relationship with you. Clean up your crib, and then, get dressed and take the selfie. Photo: NoWayGirl

Whenever you post, tweet or share something online, keep in mind that someone is watching you and you’re giving them a glimpse of who you really are–before you ever meet.
Post accordingly.

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